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Forlet Sires - Journey Towards Ruin (12" LP)

Forlet Sires - Journey Towards Ruin (12" LP)

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Forlet Sires' fantastic vinyl debut "Journey Towards Ruin".

"The guys certainly know their way around their instruments, the tone and guttural vocals of Kilian Schmid set the mood of a dark and hopeless world. " - Metalphobia

"Forlet Sires deal in raw blackened atmosphere. These tracks are emotively savage, with scything melodic leads and cascading walls of black distortion." - Wonderbox Metal

CRB010 / 12" Gatefold LP

1. Journey Towards Ruin (05:14)
2. Suffocating On Time (07:06)
3. ...And By Dawn There Will Be Silence (06:50)
4. The Peak Of Ease (06:45)
5. Deadlocked (05:20)
6. Worlds Collide (07:34)

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