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Swamp Flower Rhyme/Aeronaut - Split (12" LP)

Swamp Flower Rhyme/Aeronaut - Split (12" LP)

18 CHF
UPDATE: limited edition transparent vinyl is sold out.

180g black vinyl / limited to 100 copies

Artwork with photographs by a death cinematic

Aeronaut tracks mastered by James Plotkin
Swamp Flower Rhyme track mastered by Role/Die Tonmeisterei

Both sides of the 12" include banjo, the traditional instrument that has it's roots in the American Folk music history. The photograph on the album cover shows a run-down house from the rust belt. Both these facts try to build the slight historical and critical approach of the release, trying to reflect on social, economical and political conditions that once existed and therefore, how they might have had an impact on the current situation of world-wide crisis.

"This is music for walking by shut down factories, for drinking in run down bars, for keeping several guns at home because you just love those things, for hating everything that has been done to you and the place you live and the spoiled fucks who did it without even having a reason." - Archaic Triad

"Split by Aeronaut & Swamp Flower Rhyme IS weird. And eerie. And that’s good." - Coffee and Flapjacks



A1 Swamp Flower Rhyme - Longing (21:45)
B1 Aeronaut - American Gothic (15:26
B2 Aeronaut - Epilogue (03:15)